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Corinna Spencer

Wilkinson summer show and ‘Bad Animals’ at Transition Gallery

Firstly, I realise that I am posting about these shows after they have finished (not to smart, if a reader wants to see the shows). Sadly I couldn’t get down to London earlier, however these are galleries that I would recommend keeping an eye on. Add them to your bookmarks and check in with them for future shows. They wont disappoint.


This gallery is a White Cube kind of space, and a good one to. It was good to see a summer show that wasnt overly packed out, all of the works had room to breath and so did I. There were some really interesting Artists included and worth checking out.

        Joan Jonas

FUTURE TENSE reading Dante 2008
Jonas uses her own vernacular when reading from Dantes Inferno, coupled with every day images which ultimately take on a creepy identity-intentional or not. Jonas strives to convey the atmosphere and far reaching themes within Dantes writing, beyond that of the imaginings of hell and consequences, without illustrating the text. I can relate to the Artists concerns here, I see little point in Illustrating Dante but there are images and fragments of horrific interplay between the characters that deserve to be drawn out visually and cry out for manipulation.

        Jimmy_De Sana__oapsuds_471
        Jimmy de Sana Soap Suds. 1980
    “A photograph is how much you want to lie, how far you want to stretch the truth about the object. And, as photography is always based on real objects, it lends itself, by means of technique or manipulation, to explorations of what may appear to be an absence of reality, balancing on an ambiguous line between concrete and abstract space, between reality and illusion in a way that no other medium is able to do.” (an interview with Diego Cortez in 1986:)

Again this exhibit has ended, but the artists and work within are really interesting. Some of my favorites are bellow and any opportunity to see them should be taken.
The Space is intimate but perfect for the kind of uneasy playful pieces that go to make up ‘Bad animals’

    ‘Bad animals do unspeakable things. Refusing to be subjugated to our domesticated will and resisting cuteness, the animals on show here are more likely to bite the hand that feeds them’ (Transition Gallery Website)

Followers of this blog will know that I love to see art that seems beautiful on the surface but pretty horrific once scratched.

            Alli Sharma
            This painting is from the Bat series. Harmless beasts?

            Cathy Pilkington
            Harmless animals, but they engage in unspeakable acts.

            Paul Kindersley

She wanted his soul, but he could only give her his blood
4-27 Sep
Private View and First Thursdays Late opening Thurs 3 Sep 6-9pm

Site specific, this exhibit references 1970’s vampire movies.

    ‘She wanted his soul, but he could only give her his blood is a new work specially made for Transition. It references sexy 70s vampire movies in a form of shrine to stolen film memories and real life encounters with the cult Germen actor Udo Kier. In a charged environment formed from sounds, looks and props from Kier’s films the viewer becomes the vampire with the film as the ultimately doomed, but struggling to keep alive, victim. ‘ (Transition website)

Really looking forward to this and promise to go way before it ends.