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Corinna Spencer

whats on?….and where have I been?

Three exhibits that I will be seeing over the next couple of weeks

The Artist studio
Compton Verney
26 September – 13 December 2009

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    This exhibition, the scope of which will be a first for UK audiences, takes you ‘behind the scenes’ to offer a fascinating insight into the world of the artist’s studio in Britain. Through paintings, photographs, drawings, film, etchings, books and studio furniture, this exhibition will explore the changing function and depiction of the artist’s studio from the 1700s to the present day. Artists in the exhibition include: J. M. W. Turner, Eric Ravilious, Gwen John, Paula Rego, Lisa Milroy and Jeremy Deller. (Compton Verney)

There and Everywhere
6 – 29 Nov 2009
Private View: Thurs 5 Nov
Transition Gallery

    The impetus for There and Everywhere began with painter David Webb’s focus on his grandmother’s journey made by sea in 1955 from Tanzania to London. This personal history, and his experiences of residencies overseas have led to his making work about travel and ancestry, which he interestingly describes as ‘a turn inwards’. Reflecting on these themes Webb selected Helen Couchman and Liz Harrison to show alongside him in There and Everywhere . Each artist brings a distinct perspective to the project revealing surprising and unexpected connections between their painting, photography and video installation, so that the general somehow becomes the specific. (Transition Gallery)

Artists Anonymous
‘Lucifer over London’
Monday 21 September – Saturday 21 November 2009

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    Artists Anonymous are a collective of three painters, photographers and filmmakers. They describe themselves as primarily painters but all three media are used in their installations. Often the time-based media of performance and film are utilised in the same way as other artists plan and develop projects through drawing. (Riflemaker)
    “We knew each other as artists around Berlin, started to work together in 2001 when we were variously coming out of relationships and giving up drugs. After a while our work became known and we needed a way for people to refer to us. Anonymity means we sacrifice our own names as artists, but it also forces people to concentrate on our work, not us. We thought it might be good if you go and see an art work and not know who did it, not just in terms of who personally, but whether man or woman, old or young. That also fitted with how people like Beuys challenged the view that art was what was well-done by an artist with an ego, and introduced the idea of the duty of the artist to be socially aware. So we thought if we want our art to be about what matters, it can’t be about us”.(AA interviewed by Art World magazine, June 2009).

I have had my eye on Artists Anonymous for a while, I want to experience this work live to come to any real opinion of them.

On a personal note: To any one out there who has picked up that nasty flu bug (it has other names) my sympathy-I’m recovering now. Wow, that thing hits hard. And that explains my online absence for the last couple of weeks.