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Corinna Spencer

The World, The Flesh & The Devil

5 Sept – 6 Oct 2012
Boo Saville
TJ Boulting

    The title of the show references the 1959 film of the same name, a science fiction where there are only three people left in the world. There is a visual reference also to the chapel designed by Mark Rothko in Houston, Texas, where his large black panels surround, somber but harmonious. As he stated, “I’m interested only in expressing basic human emotions: tragedy, ecstasy, doom.” For Saville, the triumvirate is similarly present here in her world, flesh and devil. (JTB)
    The drawings are the essence of the whole series, the starting point where ideas feed the subsequent paintings, oscillating between the two mediums. Bold, imposing colour fields are created from layers and layers of different colour biros – the more usual red, blue and green, as well as a new palette of orange, pink, yellow and purple. Predominantly dark and various hues of black as a result of so many layers, she has pushed the medium to its extremes with regards to colour and form. The result is a vibrating solid mass that eludes subject matter whilst retaining an ominous presence. (JTB)
Before/After Life: Large meditative paintings are serene, at first, but actually as the light moves across the canvas and my angle of view changes so do the colours within the colour field. They darken as they move into each other then out again towards the edge. The reflection is beautiful, not strong enough for me to see me, looking back out, but still I catch myself searching.

Life: After the serenity is the chaos of the scribbled line and vibrant colour. Everything is in there from daily chores to horror films. Densely packed and inescapable.

You can see more pictures from The World, The Flesh and The Devil on my Flickr.
In 2010 I saw Boo Saville’s solo show Totem and blogged about it here.