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Corinna Spencer

The Tamsynettes

Tamsyn Challenger
13 March-18 April

    Tamsyn Challenger broadly concerns herself with the steady march of time upon the body; on her own, on those whom she loves, male and female, and on the desperate ravages inflicted on a woman’s form by the warping of beauty into an ideology, where the natural becomes perverse.(Transition)

    As a documentarian she has borne witness to gender violence and the subsequent lives no longer in extant. Inevitably, this colours a palette and in previous work she has used organs and teeth as a visceral reminder of mortality. However, the Tamsynettes represent a piecing together of beauty. By utilising her abilities in craft practice, the handmade polished and painted wood and cloth figures that have been taken from her own measurements and matched to the colour of her blood are simultaneously deconstructing femininity whilst being beautifully constructed self- portraits.(Transition)

As I put together this post it occurs to me that there are two ways to interact with an exhibition: To simply look and digest the the art work that an Artist/currator has placed in a room for the public to view or the viewer can experience the exhibition. Obvious? yes, important? crucial.

Parts of her are everywhere: I am standing here face to face with her, life size and staring. She is confidently approaching me but at the same time vulnerable in her component parts, those parts of her that seem destined to be scattered like the ones on the floor, a foot, a breast and unknown portions of her body.

She takes three positions: to sit and stare, to lay down eyes wide open, to stand and move towards the viewer.

I am drawn to rest a while: Just vacated by the whole that is now the scattered parts on the floor or an inviting place to linger. I am struck by the loneliness of the chair and the emptiness that it may represent. The shift for us from one realm to another and the inevitable progress of time.

Time is indeed marching on. But I still see beauty in these body parts that surround me and more struck by the sadness of her lonely progression through stages of time. So much so that the empty chair feels like a release.

Don’t forget the SHOP SPACE
Nastja Rönkkö
Cake Shop

    Nastja Rönkkö’s paintings, texts and performances are born from an aspiration to investigate imagery of personal desire and its relationship to the materiality of paint. The genesis of desire and its unconscious manifestations are considered through and within painterly traces, gestures and histories.(Transition)

Little gems that I know I want but cant quite grasp.

This exhibit has a week left to run
photographic out takes HERE

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