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Corinna Spencer


January 25th, March 28th, May 30th,
July 25th, September 26th and November 28th 2012
Alice Bradshaw & Bob Milner
Studio A6
Westgate Studios

    Alice & Bob have a small, self-contained gallery space in their studio (Westgate Studio, Wakefield, UK) which was formerly The Prince Albert and is now white-walled, tidy and has become the latest incarnation of PEEP! gallery; an ongoing curatorial project since 2007. For the next year, Bob wants the lovely people on Twitter to send in ‘art’ to be displayed in the space! during six one-night exhibition opportunities coming up in 2012 as part of the Wakefield Artwalk. At each event there will be other planned exhibitions both at Westgate Studio and other venues including The Art House, The Hepworth Gallery and BEAM. (Tweet art)

    The tweetart events will be: January 25th, March 28th, May 30th, July 25th, September 26th and November 28th. The gallery space is approximately 16ft x 4ft and we have plinths as well as empty frames and white tack and nails and patience. Visit here for some key information (Tweet Art)

I am rather fond of a twitter based call out to get involved with projects and exhibitions. Peep Art/ Tweet Art is one of them. For the first Peep, I sent off work from The Hidden Islands series that started on The Reside Residency.

Drawings of small islands, owned by some twitter friends (so visiting the real islands would have to be by formal invitation, I think) and some paper cut out works (as seen above).

So if you have a twitter account search out @peepart , @alicebradshaw & @WestGateSudios and perhaps send off some art. All jolly good fun….

Photograph by Bob Milner: Peep Art Instillation at Westgate Studios, 25 January 2012