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Corinna Spencer

Fishermen, Strawberry and Devil Crab

Michael Ajerman
18 June – 11 July 2010

    From out of the depths of Michael Ajerman’s boldly expressionistic brush strokes and dark, velveteen daubs, intriguing scenarios are being played out. In his distinctive settings, clues are scattered around, with everyday objects becoming intensely significant in some unknown psychodrama. His figures, meanwhile, take centre stage and emerge from their painterly backgrounds, appearing to have authentic back-stories and a real life beyond their stretchers. (Transition)

Hot and sticky, darkly magical: some of these paintings conjure feelings of languid evenings in a slightly claustrophobic environment. The application of paint is luxuriant: seemingly applied so slowly. Is it over warm in here?

Paint that’s oozing from the canvas edge: I am struck by how these lush layers of oil are pushing at the edges of the surface and almost spilling over with an unusual amount of intensity. ‘Hanger’ has stayed with me, a small disregarded domestic object that could carry with it undertones of a physical absence yet still holding much of the atmosphere of the larger works.

    The title Fishermen, Strawberry and Devil Crab is the name of a track from Porgy and Bess (Ajerman cites the Miles Davis / Evans version). He claims the song has the emotional range that he is aiming for in this body of work and he adds ‘Gerschwin was an American who worked within the range of traditional European and American music and spun it on its head, opening it up to so much more.’ (Transition)

Listen to (don’t watch) ‘Fisherman, Strawberry and devil crab’ by Miles Davis HERE

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Tiny monuments to memory.