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Corinna Spencer

In The Dark Places

    Thus passed the second night of my undoing. After he had left me in the morning and reason had resumed its empire, I was fully sensible of my deviation from strict virtue in the return I had made to his pleasure.

In The Last Living Rose post I mentioned the collection of erotic books as described in Fingersmith. The Lustful Turk, first published around the 1820’s, was one of those referenced, some of which can be found here free to read.

Letters pass back and forth regarding one woman’s erotic adventures overseas. Collected here for the discerning reader.

Letters, erotic fiction, small erotic statues and keepsakes for pockets. Fantasies and memories becoming intertwined and confused and secretly displayed for the gathering few.

Paintings: In The Dark Places 2011, oil on paper, 30x30cm. Dome & Donkey Ears 2011, oil on paper, 30x30cm. Lucky Charm 2011, oil on paper, 30x30cm.
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4 Responses

  1. dean melbourne

    I hadnt spotted this series before ! and missed the last living rose! I really love this work C. Are they cropped images or is that the composition? fabulous work . I think it is the space between the figures as opposed to you usually fill the frame. I really love them. Would you consider trading a piece with me? I would love to have one in my house.

    stylish filth !

    brilliant work

  2. corinna

    Hi Dean,

    Gosh stylish filth, that is a wonderful description which I may steal and use again with total abandon.

    These are the full images. At only 30x30cm they are pretty small and I am about to start some really, really small ones that focus on the picture frames. I am enjoying making them. What lovely offer, I see a swap in out future.

    Thank you, once again for dropping by and taking the time to comment. I really do appreciate it.

  3. dean melbourne

    i will offer you one of my linos that was in the RA or I want to buy one!

  4. corinna

    Bless you Sir Melbourne.
    We shall talk soon