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Corinna Spencer

If You Continue To Treat me as You Do…

Vanessa (Esther Van Homrigh) to Jonathan Swift: In a pleading letter Vanessa asks for a meeting and clarification of their relationship

Jonathan Swift managed to lure two women to Ireland in the hope to be close to him and so started a triangular shaped relationship. Doomed. When Swift ended the affair in 1723 it is believed that Vanessa died of shock.

    ‘…if you continue to treat me as you do you will not be made uneasy by me long. ‘Tis impossible to describe what I have suffered since I saw you last; I am sure I could have bore the rack far better than those killing, killing words of yours..’

Love Letters: For me they are are heart felt communication full of longing, a perfunctory note between two people or tricking us into believing a lie. Either way they reveal a private moment taking a physical form, often remarkable in their survival.

Love Letters, 2000 years of Romance Edited by Andrea Clarke