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Corinna Spencer


Alice and Joe Woodhouse
2 – 24 Oct 2010

    Siblings Alice and Joe Woodhouse have an intriguing working strategy which is part artists dialogue and part a game of call and response.
    Their work begins as a grid of blank paper onto which both of them in turn draw without conferring. After numerous edits and rearrangements the final result is achieved when both artists feel the work to be complete.(Transition)

An intense arena: I feel a tension here between the drawing as fluid and expressive and that of the structured and controlled. Its where these two opposites come together and push and pull at each other that I am drawn in. Ultimately this is a world quite alien and yet simultaneously allows elements of the recognizable to seep through. A powerfully simple structure in the centre of the room anchors me to the reality I know but on closer inspection points to a more humorous interpretation.

Back and forth: There are two minds at work here, two mark makers offering up an uncanny, tilted view of the environment we inhabit both futuristic and full of the historically familiar. But the basis of all of this is the drawing, its connection to me and visible connection between the artists. It is the most important element, there is a certain intensity that can only exist in drawing, for me its here.

    ‘At turns playful or disturbing these forms inhabit, corrupt and complete these otherwise idealised views of the world.’ (A&J Woodhouse)

There will be a finissage for this exhibition at the gallery on Sunday, October 24th, 3-6pm