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Corinna Spencer

Drawing Limerence

by Lynn Willmott & Karen Lang
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Limerence is an irrational, obsessive and incapacitating adoration of and attachment to one person. This book is a collection of artworks from artists across the world that are inspired by, or represent, limerence in the belief that art can provide insight into this experience. It aims to promote awareness and to raise funds for future research and will appeal to both art lovers and those interested in the subject of limerence.

Featured Artists: Krista Acheson / Bonita Bruch / Janet Brusselbach / Joe Bussell / Dr Subhas Chandra Das / Amanda Dabel / Amalia Dulhan / Gary Goodman / Dania Grevengoed / Gina Kalabishis / Lisa Krannickfeld / Karen Lang / Claudia Mengel / Ellie Seymour / Corinna Spencer / Bernadette Trela / Via Violet / Daniela Vladimirov