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Corinna Spencer

Diving Into The Wreck

Paige Perkins
25 May – 26 June 2011
Meter Room

I came to explore the wreck. The words are purposes. The words are maps. I came to see the damage that was done and treasures that prevail.
The thing I came for: The wreck not the story of the wreck. The thing itself and not the myth
Diving into the wreck, Adrienne Rich, 1973

The inaugural exhibition at Meter Room is the culmination of Paige Perkins’ 8 week artist residency during the renovation of Meter Room’s project space and studios, where she has created new work with materials found on site whilst ceilings were being torn down and carpets ripped from the floors. (Meter Room)

Diving into the Wreck, which takes its title from an Adrienne Rich poem of the same name, features several site-specific responses to the Meter Room’s premises – a derelict 1960’s City Council office block which formerly housed the Coventry Volunteer Service……Perkins reflects upon the need to contain chaos and how that chaos shapes the things that contain it. (Meter Room)

    Hand picked from the wreckage: Nest like and central to the space is the destroyed, broken and bent debris left over from the demolishing and making room. Fluorescent illuminates the centre of the construction and gives life to the structure, makes it liveable. Liveable for who or what is more of a mystery, an intriguing one.
    Cornered Storm: Its the whirlwind that grabs me. Destructive and deadly, thick with the parts of other things. Here it is enclosed and put under our microscope we get to control the uncontrollable analyse it and dream of predicting its movements.

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