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Corinna Spencer

Chestnut Appeal at Exeter Phoenix


Visit the Exeter Phoenix Chestnut Appeal page HERE.

A wonderful opportunity to make a positive impact on local lives affected by prostate cancer while supporting a valuable resource for support and development of new art and artists in Exeter.

The majority of lots will be made available for online viewing and sealed pre-bids.

1) Come along to see the lots in the gallery on Wed 9 and Thu 10 Nov from 10am-5.30pm. Join us for the live auction in the gallery at 7pm on Thu 10 Nov.

2) If you can’t make it to the event but would still like to bid, you can make a sealed bid* online in advance. Take a look at the lots below, and fill in the form at the bottom of this page to make your online sealed bid.

* The highest sealed bidder will be contacted shortly before the auction for credit or debit card details to be used in the event of theirs being the highest bid.

We will be adding new lots every day until the auction, so do check back in.

More lots are still to be announced, including works by:

Alex Hartley / David Blandy / Anton Goldenstein / Glen Baxter / Patrick Caseley / Helen Snell / Judy Rodrigues / David Fawcett / Sarah Smalldon / Eliza Southwood / Henry Sells / Gerry Hillman

If you are unable to make it to the live auction, you can make a sealed bid in advance by filling out the form on the Exeter Phoenix website here. The highest pre-bidder will be contacted shortly before the auction.