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Corinna Spencer


19 February – 13 March 2011

I don’t need a TV screen, I just stick the aerial into my skin, let the signal run through my veins (TVOD, The Normal, 1978)

TVOD explores pop culture’s conquest over reality. We live on sets, with a cast of characters all playing roles. The information overload has permeated every aspect of our lives. Hierarchies have shifted. Celebrities are our best friends and confidantes. Pause, Rewind, Fast forward, we are in control. The artists in the exhibition use the endless bombardment of televisual images and distil them into painting, collage and sculpture. (Transition)

This is real?: Perhaps it starts as escapism but actually it becomes in bedded in our wakeful days and sleepless nights. Then a filter through which we push our lives. The images that bombard us, or the ones we seek out, are thrown around in our tumble dryer minds. Then it really starts to get interesting and we can start placing ourselves, bit by bit, into the picture.

There is a lightness of touch and humour to all of the works in TVOD. A thought provoking show for me while I obsess over a small scene in a larger motion picture.

    ..the works start when the screen is turned off examining the after effects and aftermath (TVOD

Artists: Sam Austen / Helen Carmel Benigson (Princess Belsize Dollar) / Grimes & Jones / Kirsty Jackman / James Hedges / Paul Kindersley / Hollie McArthur / Neil McNally / Lucie Red / Clare Simmonds.

Curated by Paul Kindersley
Read an interview with the curator on Dazed Digital HERE

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  1. Alli Sharma

    Can Paul please tell me about his work in this show?

  2. corinna

    Hello Alli
    over to Paul?