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Corinna Spencer

Pictures From My Heart

Emma Talbot
24 Apr – 16 May 2010

    Pictures From My Heart features a selection of extraordinary drawings made by Emma Talbot following the death of her husband, Paul. These drawings grew out of a desire not only for emotional honesty but also for a simplification of her working process (Transition)
    ‘I was deciding what I essentially needed to make work. I started with just a few watercolours and paper and just began to draw everything that was in my mind. I no longer cared what anyone thought.’ The result is a searingly honest series of what Talbot terms ‘psychological stories’. There is a lot of telling here and not all of it doleful. There are images of life and love, of coming home drunk and feeling bad, snippets of Pablo Neruda poetry and quotes from The Smiths…….(Transition)

Tiny monuments to memory: It would be to easy to catagorise these drawings as snap shots or even the moments in time of a life remembered, but that implies a two dimensional quality. There is so much more depth in them because each drawing reveals a glimpse (if imagined) of the preceding and following. I am witness to the artist’s hand in motion and in turn her memory and emotion.

I do not feel over whelmed by the quantity of drawings, instead I am drawn in to discover over and over again another connection to another drawing another memory rendered with a the raw movement of the hand and the clear symbiosis of the artist and the act of drawing.

The gaps got me: As possibly editorial decisions or gaps in the memory of the Artist. These gaps are a fascinating pause while viewing this collection of drawings that go to make up a life up until now. Small mysteries for me to ponder long after I have walked away from the world of these drawings.

Click HERE for an interesting interview ‘Emma Talbot talking to Alli Sharma at her studio, Walthamstow E17’

I can only apologise for the quality of my photographs. I wasn’t expecting to get to Transition on this day and didn’t have my magic camera with me.

3 Responses

  1. Alli Sharma

    monuments to memory; i like that.

  2. corinna

    Thank you! I really do love these drawings. Excellent hanging to.

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