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Corinna Spencer

Our Bullet Wound

    He took his time walking around the room, touching clothes and trinkets, tasting water from the bedside glass.

    Pulling back the covers he slid into the bed, faced outwards towards the rising sun and allowing his right hand to to push aside his shirt and touch the place a bullet would be, Robert thought about what such a scar would feel like under his touch. Lifting his left hand to the light he thought about what it would look like to be missing half of one finger.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert FordDirected by Andrew Dominik

Paintings: Our Bullet Wound 2012, Destined For Great Things 2012, Robert At blue Cut, The Crooked Picture 2012 all oil on found post card, 11.5x17cm

I have started a new blog. After my last post on The Reside Residency I realised that I have enjoyed having an extra place to post things, less formal, may make less sense. Anyway, it can be found here.