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Corinna Spencer

Mock Tudor

18 June-10 July 2011
60 Ravenscourt Road

This summer Transition Gallery travels offsite to present Mock Tudor at a venue alongside Ravenscourt Park in West London.

Mock Tudor takes the much-reviled Tudorbethan architectural style as a starting point for an examination into authenticity, influence and inspiration. Tracing the strands that a powerful historic story projects, the Mock Tudor artists evoke the passions of another era by transforming the banal, assimilating identities and creating alternative histories. The work in the show is not strictly faithful to any historic period or style. Instead, it promiscuously borrows and changes details to suit its makers’ purposes, just as history itself is altered and adapted to suit its teller. (Transition)

    The melancholy lives of others: So steeped in personal histories, not just the well known of the era but of the totally unknown and perhaps more recent and fictitious. And not just people but buildings too. I am invited to peek into the sometimes melancholy lives of others. Objects of value in all senses of the word have been disregarded, passed on, sold, left behind and then encouraged to breathe again by the hands of others. Transformed, reinvented and made once again desirable.

The works exhibited here, from painting and drawing to nick nacks and film, work as part of the house. A history that might have been, but for today, may or may not be true.

Artists: Kirsty Buchanan, Rachael Haines, Sigrid Holmwood,
Cathy Lomax, Jeff McMillan, Alli Sharma, Charlotte Squire

Many More pictures from Mock Tudor here

2 Responses

  1. Alli Sharma

    Thanks for coming to see the show Corinna. Exhibition extended until 17 July with Garageland magazine launch on final day, and a visit by Yoke and Zoom’s mock Tudor caravan.

  2. corinna

    Hi Alli,
    I had a lovely time. I am looking forward to the Garageland launch too. Brilliant.
    Thank you for dropping by