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Corinna Spencer

Home Office Of The Fan Fiction Empire

Preview 5 April 7.30 – 9pm
6 April – 27 May 2012
The Residence Gallery

            Pictures from the Private View on my Flickr here
    The inaugural HOME OFFICE OF THE FAN FICTION EMPIRE is open. Resplendent with works from over 20 visual ambassadors, it welcomes a spirited sociological approach to consumer culture-cum-borderline official media producer. Championing visual production and communication naturalised out of a DIY domestic authority, morphing completely in unimaginable ways. The H.O.F.F.E. asks the question of culture in the realm of its advancement in this hyper void. (Residence Gallery)

As a fan the images that represent the desire become more than mere representations of the person, the idol but also a closeness that could be difficult to achieve in any other way. The images a fan collects are given room in a private space where feelings of closeness can intensify over time.

The fan makes their own representation of their fan feelings and these become transformed, no longer a tool to bring the celebrity to an adoring public via mass media but a personal declaration of devotion.

In my postcards the subjects of my limerent feelings play out scenes I direct in my own personal, imagined, life story.

Artists: Bill Aitchison, Angel Rose, Darren Coffield, Sally Fuerst, Anne Wolk, Malcolm Litson, Richard Goold, Guy Oliver, Andrew Stanney, Corinna Spencer, Paul Sakoilsky, Christina Mitrense, Joey Holder, Stefano Pasquini, Daryl Brown, Ralph Dorey, Nicole Bachmann, Beatriz Olabarrieta, Gino Saccone, Evan Calder Williams, Electra Costa.

Painting: My Boy Builds Coffins, 2012, oil on found postcard. Howl, 2012, oil on found postcard